Frequently Asked Questions

What services we are offering in this site?


We are providing following features on this site:
DrugU: You can search for various drugs, diseases, branded drugs, drug stores, Hospitals and Doctors. You can locate Hospitals and Drug stores in map so that no matter what city you are in, you will get health services always. We try our best to provide you health care services on your finger tips when you need. We are continuosly doing our best to provide you services which will give experience of developing health care services.
Magazine: You might be knowing concept of open source code, but we have brought open source knowledge in our magazine. In this we provide information on science related topic written by either you or our team of writers. Share your information with us and get featured in magazine or else you can read it for absolutely free. So help in our initiative for paper free magazines and royaltee free information.
Health Care: Evevry foundation needs pillars and Protyle Health Care Pvt. Ltd. is that pillar on which whole of foundation stands. Under Health Care we provide consultation services and contract based reasearch for different organizations depending on their needs. We provide innovation based services and continuously improve the health care sector for betterment of patient.
Zero Gravity Studio: This is for the sharp shooters, who are good cameras. We provide platform to enthusiastic people who see the world with eyes of their own through lens of camera. Manage your own digital photo gallery or documentary videos on our site and show your creativity. We also host various gaming based on PC or android platform along with different platform applications with improved user interface. So come and join hands with us to create something which is totally out of box.
Community: Having a social presence on other social media sites? Well, here is one more social platform for you which is a bit different then other sites, all you need to do is explore it. There are different categories and topics which you can discuss with fellow members. You can even start your own thread and share information.

This is not it, we are continuosuly working to bring more for you, which will amaze you for sure. So do not wait much and Register now on our site.

Why should I join this site?


Its always boring to fill up the registration form on different sites, but we provide attarctive benefits when you join our site. You can have you dedicated profile and you can upload and manage your prescriptions. In very near future you can get digital prescriptions from your doctor as well. Most of our services do not require registration on our site, but if you want to enjoy the perks extra then normal user, we recommend you to register on the site.

Why do I have to register separately on Community?


We are sorry for this that you have to register separately on site and community, but in order to avoid chaos and spamming in the community we have kept separate registration so that only interested people join the community.

How much it would cost me to use your services?


Its absolutely free for you and it will be free forever for a user. We do not charge anything for our services. We generate our revenue via ads so you have to support us in that. If you like our service and want to donate us, please contact us for security reasons. We always appreciate donations from kind users.