The Magazine was founded in year of 2012 and is published on 5th of every month. It is easy to understand and informative free science magazine. Articles are written by our guest writers and our team. The magazine is in its infancy stage and we are continuously making better version of it for you. The articles are loaded with information which is worth reading it. The magazine is also available as android app and pdf file so you can enjoy it in offline mode even. So prepare yourself for crazy science ride.

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Welcome to the Protyle Magazine Page. The only science magazine which is free to read and subscribe. We have relaunched the concept of open source knowledge in this area and started distributing knowledge for free. The magazine is available for online reading but it requires faster internet connection. We have two more options for offline reading as well. You can download the magazine in PDF form and read it as per your convenience. We are offering the same in android app from to maintain the quality reading in your android smart phone. You will feel like you are reading real magazine. In order to save paper and reduce carbon footprints we are not offering magazine in hard copy. So join us and be part of this changing world for open source knowledge and reduced carbon foot prints.

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The real meaning of open source knowledge is knowledge contributed by people for people. So here is opporunity for you to contribute in this.
You can submit your article to us in PDF format in final form which will be reviewd by our team and if eligible for publication, BINGO, we will publish your aticle is upcoming issue of our magazine. So without wasting much time start sharing knnowledge.

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